"Dad & son" GT fishing !!!

Just back on the sea for a "Dad & son" day charter. Guilain and his 13 years old son Adrien wanted to finish their holidays in Sri Lanka with a bit of fishing. Guilain who is a expert fisherman in France for sea bass, has fished for GT before. He wanted to share this great experience with his son and asked me to make his dream true. It's always nice to have beginners on board, especially when it's a young boy who love fishing. 

GT Fishing Sri Lanka Popping .jpg

Morning we reach our first popping spot, I took time to teach Adrien how to cast with this heavy tackle and how to pop. I know it will take a while, but after his first cast, I was confident it can do it. His father Guilain was quickly in the game and on the third drift, I spotted a school of bait and he cast at the edge of them. A GT come up and smashed his popper. Guilain strike properly the fish and landed a decent GT, that's a good start ! A while later another GT came behind his popper but miss the lure.

GT Fishing Rapala XPlode Popper Sri Lanka.jpg

Around noon, the current slow down and I decided to go for trolling. That will give a bit of rest to Adrien who started to be tired casting with heavy tackle. We reach an area where I know we have good chance to have wahoo and sailfish bite. When we reach this area, we saw plenty of birds and skipjack busting small anchovy. We trolled and we were waiting to have a bite. Sadly, we don't have any action despite a good activity with skipjack feeding around. Then we go again for some popping to end the day. 
Adrien was really motivated to caught his first ever GT on popper. He kept casting, and like usual his effort pay off and a GT took his popper. His father came to help him, but Adrien handled it well and landed his dream fish. Guilain was so happy and proud of his son.

GT Popping Sri Lanka Pelagic.jpg

After a quick picture, Adrien released his fish. After this GT, Adrien's cast were just perfect and we can feel his motivation to caught another one and on the next drift he caught his second fish !!!

GT Fishing Popping Sri Lanka.jpg

Guilain was not expecting so much for his son and it's with lot of happiness we decided to end the day and back to the harbour.

Tight Line

Capt. Nico