Great popping & jigging trip for the Jerry's

Middle April we have received the Jerry's for their second fishing trip in Lanka. This time, they wanted to focus catching GT's on topwater, plus doing a bit of jigging and finish their trip by some days fishing at Bolgoda Lake for Barramundi.

Big GT Sri Lanka Popping Sportfishing Lanka .jpg

The guys were much better equipped compare to their last trip. This time, they came with proper rods and reels, and good lures for targeting Gt's. We started the trip with some really good action and they caught some nice Gt's.

GT Popping Sri Lanka SPortfishing Lanka.jpg

Everybody caught his PB fish and "small Jerry" caught a cracking GT. Big Jerry also have a good GT in the 25 kg range on a PE 4 rod and a stickbait. Chugger popper made the trip as Cubera 150 or the usual Hammer Head E-cup. The last day a bit tired they let me join then and I caught a big GT.

Jigging was a bit slow during this trip in term of number of fish but the guys hooked some serious fish, like the unstoppable one who striped all the line, or the other one who fight for 45 minutes before big Jerry broke his rod and then the line. Small Jerry caught also a nice Shark and some groupers.

One day on the drop off we saw some big yellowfin tuna jumping and eating tiny red fish, we have a try but the tunas were focus on these small bait. A afternoon we go to found them, but without success despite some big school of spinner dolphin and pilot whales in the area.

They also did a bit of light jigging and ave lot of fun catching so different species and small Jerry caught a baby Napoleon Wrass just out of Colombo city on one our good spots.
All in all, it was a really good trip, the guys learned a lot during that trip, they enjoyed my sarcastic jokes and we have so much fun.

The last day we have a go at Bolgoda Lake and they caught some Barramundi and Mangrove Jack.

Guys thanks to come fishing with us and I know we will see you soon for another memorable fishing trip in Lanka !

Tight Line
Capt. Nico

Deep Jigging & Light Jigging with Gomoku Team !!!

I have just finished a super trip with the Gomoku guys Fred & Daniel and 3 of their friends to make a promotional video on their new jigging product and especially the new VMC assist hook. We did some slow and light jigging. 

VMC Hook Jigging Assist Hook Sri Lanka.jpg

On slow jigging, they caught some nice fish, like GT, but sadly dogtooth tuna, their main target were not there these last days. They caught accidentally some big Shark (7 in total) which we have released safely. These bycatch were enough big and strong to test their new Storm Gomoku Kodachi and Adagio+ jigging rods, but some other big fish were to strong for their PE-4...

Storm Gomoku Kodachi VMC Hook Jigging Sri Lanka.jpg

One day, 2 spools have been completely emptied in less than 1 minute with a 10 kg drag !!! I have a feeling some big Yellow Fin or Big Eye tuna are cruising around. Another day, Fred hooked a very heavy fish and absolutely unstoppable. Huge Grouper ? A new mystery to solve ;-) 

Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 Storm Gomoku Fred Goh Jigging.jpg

On light jigging PE 0.8-1, they had great fun with plenty of different species. 

Light Jigging Sri Lanka Gomoku Storm VMC Hook Jigging Fred Goh.jpg
Storm Gomoku Legit Design Jigging Sri Lanka.jpg

It was nice to have you on board guys, waiting to see you again in Sri Lanka.

Capt. Nico

Popping and Light Jigging at sea !!!

Last week, we received 2 Japanese anglers working in India for a 2 days trip Popping and light jigging.

Popping GT Fishing Stickbait Sri Lanka.jpg

Weather was nice, just the water was a bit green, but GT's were keen to smash the floating stickbait of Takagi & Egawa.

On light jigging, they have great fun with some black tip trevally and groupers.

Last day GT's were more active, they caught 4 fish, miss 3 and lost a big one, which broke the leader on the rock. 

It was nice to see some GT's on surface action. I enjoyed to guide Takagi & Egawa. Hope to see you for another week-end trip guys.

Capt. Nico 

Saltwater fishing with Pershy & Shanaka !!!

It's with a lot of pleasure we bring Pershy and Shanaka from the famous Sri Lankan anglers Facebook group to fish with us during two days.

GT Fishing Sri Lanka Jigging.jpg

We start with Shanaka who was so excited to be onboard our 31ft center console boat powered with twin 200 hp. We have planned to go for some jigging, but before to reach the spot we do a bit of troll and Shanaka caught a yellowfin tuna. First jigging spots didn't produce so much fish, but we finally found some good activities on a new spot and we start catching plenty of skipjack. One of mine was attack by a much bigger fish and I land my skipjack with some big teeth mark... On the next drift Shanaka who was new in jigging technic, has a serious bite and fought a nice fish on light tackle and landed a decent GT on PE-3 line !! 

Next day, Pershy were with us and as Shanaka, he was happy to go fishing on our boat, for sure it is a bit more comfortable compare to a local 19ft boat and 40 hp engine. We also start the day by trolling. After only 5 min, I spotted a sailfish sneezing behind a small skirt lure. To decide him to bite, I play with him and finally took the lure, but sadly I didn't hooked him. Few minutes later, Pershy was on with a nice wahoo. Just before lunch we reach our jigging spots. Action don't start before 2 pm and we start to catch some grouper, skipjack, rosy jobfish, rainbow runner and a nice Cobia for Pershy !!

Deepsea fishing Sri Lanka Cobia.jpg

During these 2 days, the sea was a bit choppy, but the good news, that was the last windy days, now sea is damn calm and we will be soon back for more action !!

Capt. Nico

Good jigging action for Olly despite windy condition !!!

Olly, who was travelling in Sri Lanka with his family, decided to go fishing at sea to catch some GT on popper and have a try on jig for Dogtooth tuna.

GT Fishing Sri Lanka Jigging Deep Sea Fishing.jpg

Weather was a bit windy, but we head off our popping spot early morning... but when we arrived we found 20 Sri Lankan big Navy vessel in our popping area... They were there to prepare for the Sri Lankan independence day parade that took place 2 days later... To be honest, I was not really comfortable to make a drift with these military vessel around us... We try for a while, without success, despite plenty of bait running in surface. Then we decide to reach our jigging spots. Olly has bring his own tackle he bought from Jigabite.co.uk, a good online tackle shop run by our friend Terry Smith in UK. 

Jigabite GT Fishing Sri Lanka.jpg

After some drop, on the first spot without any bite, I changed for our most productive spots and on the second drop Olly had a serious bite just after I told him there are some nice mark on the sonar. The fish take lot of line, despite the heavy drag and just when Olly was starting to fight, he lost the fish. When he retrieve his jig, one of his assit hook was broken and on the other one the hook was bent !!! Leader was also scratched !!! That was a serious fish for sure !!!

Deep sea Fishing Sri Lanka.jpg

We change the leader for a new one and we put a new jig with stronger assist hook. And again Olly was on with another fish and this time the fish just cut the leader, bloody wahoo or king mackerel !!! Then again new leader and new jig, drop again and Olly was on also on a nice fish. This time no issue, Olly fight the fish and landed a nice black GT. We stay for while but wind picked up and make difficult to jig in good condition. Then we decide to be back on the harbour. 
For sure if the wind don't picked up, Olly will have more action on jig. Anyway he enjoyed his day fishing at sea before to flight back in the cold UK.

Capt. Nico

Exploring fishing trip with Oli, Cédric & Jason

First saltwater trip of the season with Oli & Cédric from France and Jason from Australia. 

Jigging Dogtooth Tuna Sri Lanka .jpg

Found some good popping spots, but action on surface was a bit slow, fortunately we have good action on jig, with some good catch like dogtooth tuna and Gt's the first day, very promising. 

I was spending most of the time searching and looking for good spots on my new fishing ground, but I have the opportunity to fish a couple of time and I was lucky enough to caught some Gt's, an amberjack and a big African Pompano. We have also a great diversity of fish with many different groupers.

We also missed and lost some nice fish, but it's a part of the game, we will catch them later with our next clients.

Apart from the fishing we saw a good sea life, watching turtle, dolphin, manta ray and a whale shark.

The new area look very promising and I am so impatient to go again on sea !!

Tight Line

Capt. Nico