Mangrove Jack

Great fishing days at Bolgoda Lake with Japanese anglers : Yuzo san & Satoru san. 

 Satoru san fished with us last January and caught some nice Mangrove Jack, but he was unlucky with the Barramundi. But on the first day of this trip, he caught the first barramundi ! Good start !

A bit later and after they caught some mangrove jack, Yuzo san had a serious barramundi bite. The fish goes in long and powerful run, a bit scared Yuzo put some pressure on the spool with his thumb and lost the fish. His lure came back with a hook less and a strong split ring completely open... A serious fish for sure.

Barramundi fishing sri lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

In the afternoon, he miss 2 nice golden barramundi, fortunately for him, he caught a juvenile GT and a featherback in the evening.

Second day, on the morning session Yuzo caught another Featherback and Saturo a baby barramundi, plus some usual mangrove jack. Just before lunch Satoru caught a nice barramundi.

Barramundi fishing tour Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka.jpg

On the afternoon session, finally Yuzo san caught a wild golden barramundi. We try also for featherback, but they don't seems very active, then on the last hour before back to the Villa we fished some good spots for barramundi and Satoru san hooked a big wild golden barramundi. Fish was strong, he came twice a long the boat and we saw a very big fish. After a bit of stress during the battle, I finally put the fish in the landing net and it's an absolute beast which is on the boat deck. This wild Golden Barramundi was stubby, his lenght was 89 cm for a weight of 22 lb on the Boga Grip. Satoru san was so happy and I saw his hands were shaking as the one of a kid who caught his first fish. Such a long time I haven't seen this kind of emotion from an angler and I was also so happy for him.

Big Barramundi Sri Lanka Golden Barramundi Bolgoda Lake.jpg
Barramundi fishing tour sri lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

Last day the morning session was a bit tough due to some windy condition, but we manage to catch some mangrove jack, tarpon and lady fish. The afternoon, on the first spot Yuzo san caught a nice wild golden barramundi.

Barramundi fishing Wild Golden Barramundi Bolgoda Lake Fishing tour.jpg

After that some serious lightning were coming fast, then we decide to end the fishing day and the trip. 
It was a really nice trip, the guys enjoyed a lot to fish Bolgoda Lake and promised me to come back soon with friends. See you soon then.

Nico-Head Fishing Guide

Another good day fishing at Bolgoda Lake for Hiro & Miyazaki san !!!

A week ago Hiro san and Miyazaki san were back for a day fishing at Bolgoda Lake with our fishing guide Shaktivel and as usual they have a great fishing.

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

The rain of days before make water color a bit murky in some area of the lake and don't make the fishing easy for them, but Shaktivel with his good experience of the lake found some good spots with clear water. Morning only Miyazaki san caught fish with 3 nice mangrove jack, one was 49 cm and give him a good fight. Hiro san just lost 2 lady fish.

Bolgoda Lake Fishing Mangrove Jack.jpg

Afternoon, Shaktivel try another area and Hiro san break the ice catching a 50 cm Golden Barramundi. After that catch, they want to have a try on the featherback, which were active due to the rain of the last days. The elusive knife fish were rolling every where, but not of them were keen to bite. At sunset time, Shaktivel decided to have a try on one of our good barramundi spots and Hiro san, who has caught his personal best Golden Barramundi on his last day fishing a month ago, caught another big one of 83 cm !!!

Like he told me : "This fish was few centimeter more than the one I caught last time, but completely different fight and weight !! It was Big Mama !!
The Bomber Long -A hooks were bended and snap also was almost broken."

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Bomber Long A.jpg

Congratulation Hiro san for this very nice catch and hope to see you soon for another good day fishing at Bolgoda Lake !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Hiro & Miyazaki san back to fish in Bolgoda Lake !!!

After their holidays in Japan our regular angler Hiro san and Miyazaki san, fished with us at Bolgoda for a day. 

Fishing Barramundi Sri Lanka Lure Fishing.jpg

Weather was nice and fishing condition good. Miyazaki start the day with a big ladyfish and Hiro with a nice Mangrove Jack. They caught some others smaller ladyfish and Miyazaki lost a nice fish. Afternoon, I decided to go on the spots where I have insane action with our last japanese angler Fumiaki san. Hiro caught 2 barramundi, Miyazaki miss one and caught a nice Mangrove Jack. 

Like usual, they enjoyed their day fishing at Bolgoda Lake and they have already plan their next fishing days. See you soon guys !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Insane trip at Bolgoda Lake with Big Barramundi !!!

Last week-end we received Fumiaki san and one of his fishing buddy for 2 days trip at Bolgoda Lake.

Big Barramundi sri lanka Bolgoda Lake fishing.jpg

Fumiaki fished Bolgoda Lake last October and he had a good trip, but a bit unlucky with the Barramundi... But this time Barramundi were very active and with his friend, they have had just an insane fishing trip with a total 8 barra with 2 monsters of 88 cm and 93 cm + others fish between 60 and 75 cm. 

To be honest, it's the best trip I have guided at Bolgoda, they caught these fish, but I can't remember how many they missed or lost, and especially some big boy !!!
In addition of these barramundi, they also caught some usual Mangrove Jack, with a big one at 49 cm, and plenty of Oxeye Tarpon and ladyfish.

Like ours two Japanese anglers, I will never forget these 2 amazing days fishing at Bolgoda. For them, it's just the trip and fish of a lifetime. For sure they will be back to fish at Bolgoda, but they also know it will be not like this exceptional trip.

Big Barramundi fishing bolgoda lake sri lanka.jpg

Anyway, this trip proof that Bolgoda Lake can offer some absolute amazing fishing days and the team of Sportfishing Lanka has decided to organise a Challenge for next season (from September 2018 to August 2019), we will pay back the fishing trip to the angler who will fish with us and will catch a 1 meter Barramundi at Bolgoda Lake !!

Then don't wait and book a day or a trip at Bolgoda Lake in search to catch the ultimate fish !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Sugimoto & Hashimoto are back for a week end at Bolgoda Lake

Our regular expat japanese anglers Sugimoto and Hashimoto were back at Bolgoda for the week end and they have a good fishing trip.

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

Saturday, morning session was slow till Sugimoto break the ice with a beautiful 70 cm barramundi, in the afternoon he caught his first featherback, a weird fish according to him. Hashimoto caught some Mangrove Jack, but the Sunday morning he missed a first barramundi and lost a beast over 90 cm on the first jump. Fortunately, he landed some usual Mangrove jack and caught some nice ladyfish.

And Sugimoto ? He caught another nice 60 cm Wild Golden Barramundi after he missed 2 others.

Golden Barramundi Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka.jpg

Another great fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake. Sugimoto has already plan his next fishing week end in April, see you soon then.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Takahiro san is back to fish Bolgoda Lake !!!

Good fishing trip for Takahiro san who was coming to fish Bolgoda Lake for the second time during 3 days.

Fishing Barramundi Sri Lanka.jpg

He came back with a mission to fly fish only to target the Wild Golden Barramundi, but condition were a bit tough for flyfishing, mainly due to the wind, he didn't catch the elusive barramundi but some ladyfish and lost a very big one. Fortunately Takahiro knew, he needed some good conditions for flyfishing and in case he took with him some casting rod also and he caught some really nice barramundi in the 65 cm range, and some nice Mangrove jack.

Takahiro enjoyed again his fishing trip on Bolgoda Lake and plan to come back for his revenge on fly.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Amazing trip at Bolgoda Lake for our regular Japanese couple !!!

Kiyoshi san and his wife live in Thailand have a very good time for their second trip at Bolgoda Lake.

Barramundi Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka.jpg

Their first trip was also good, but this time with our fishing guide Shaktivel, they landed plenty of fish and Kiyoshi san caught a superb 86 cm Wild Golden Barramundi on DUO Realis Jerkbait.

Congratulations from Sportfishing Lanka team and see you soon for another good fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake !!!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Great trip at Bolgoda Lake with Japanese anglers !!

We received Yamada san and 3 of his friends for a 3 days fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake.

It was a great trip for our japanese anglers, they caught Golden barramundi, their main target, and also some featherback which were active compare to the last days fishing we have before them.

Strangily the Mangrove Jack were not very active as usual, they caught some but nice size mainly up to the 40 cm mark.

Two big barramundi were missed right on the boat, it's for that you must finish to retrieve your lure till the boat !!! Anyway like I say it was a great fishing trip, with good fishing action, some fun, good souvenirs and for sure we will see you again at Bolgoda Lake or maybe for a sea fishing trip on our new boat which will be delivery in a couple of weeks now.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Another great fishing day at Bolgoda Lake with Hiro & Miyazaki san !!

With a bit of late, report of the great fishing day with our regular japanese anglers Hiro and Miyazaki. After a week of rain and strong wind due to a cyclone passage, it was our first beautiful sunny day and fish were hungry.


We started the day with a Barramundi caught by Hiro san, follow up by a spotted featherback and some nice lady fish. Just before lunch Hiro san caught a nice wild golden barramundi and on the same spot Miyazaki caught another one of similar size.

After lunch we reach the fishing spot where we found good activity at the end of morning. Plenty of lady fish were caught and Miyazaki caught the fish of the day an absolute beautiful Wild Golden Barramundi of 80 cm. The fish gave an amazing fight to Miyazaki on his light rod and several time we thought he will lost it.

After that catch, we decide to focus on featherback, we reach our special fishing spot where the knive fish were rolling in surface. On the first cast Hiro and Miyazaki caught two big Mangrove jack of 46 cm and 49 cm.

After a while Miyazaki finally caught his first ever spotted featherback and it was a big one.

We finish the day just before night and Hiro lost a big fish, which seems to be another big barramundi, never mind this fishing day was great and our two japanese have already plan their next fishing day after their holidays in Japan. See you soon guys for another great day fishing at Bolgoda Lake !!!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Hiro & his friend Miyazaki san fished at Bolgoda Lake

Last Sunday, I guided Hiro san for his second trip in Bolgoda Lake and it was again a super fishing day ! This time, he came with is friend Miyazaki san, who also works in Kandy and love casting lures.

The Barramundi were active like the last two days and our japanese anglers caught 4, with a nice one for Hiro san, which it give him a tough fight.


Mangrove Jack were also quiet active and they caught some very nice up to 40 cm and one very close of the 50 cm mark.

Miyazaki san wanted to catch also a spotted featherback, but they were not so keen to play with them, but doesn't matter Hiro & Miyazaki will come back soon for another day fishing at Bolgoda. See you soon guys, we are waiting for you !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide