At Sportfishing Lanka, we are very committed to the protection and continued fish stocks here in Sri Lanka. 

From the onset of Sportfishing Lanka, we have been working with various conservation organisation, Billfish Tagging Program and we also worked with some local administrations, as advisors to develop better sportfishing habits to protect general marine life. We have implemented catch and release habits.

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Catch and Release

At Sportfishing Lanka, we practice 100% catch and release. 

We constantly strive to minimise injuries to the fish during the fight and the time from landing to releasing the fish back into the water. 

We are happy for all anglers to take a photo with their catch as long as it does not endangered the life of the fish. 

In Sri Lanka, all licensed sportfishing vessel are not permitted to keep any catch for commercial purposes. All live fish has to be released by law. However, any unfortunate fish that have died, maybe kept for personal consumption at the discretion of the boat captain.

INternational Game Fish Association

At Sportfishing Lanka, we follow IGFA fishing rules. We are currently working to join the IGFA member. For more information on the IGFA, please click on this link : 


Sportfishing Lanka participate to the Tagging Program of The Billfish Foundation. For more information on these program, please click on this link :