Saltwater Fishing Gallery

As an island, the Sri Lankan coasts are a fishing paradise. Our fishing ground on the west coast offer a great diversity of fishing spots, we can fish with different fishing technic and catch a multitude of fish species from the Marlin, the king of the ocean, to the ferocious Giant Trevally and plenty of other sea predators. Please see below some pics of our happy anglers with their catch.

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Certainly one of the most exciting fishing to practice. A GT bite on topwater lure is something you will never forget !! We mainly caught Gt’s, but sometimes we also caught King Mackerel and Long tail Tuna.


Deep Jigging

The whole area near the continental shelf drop off, located 10 nm from the harbor, offers some superb spots to jig and search Amberjacks, Dogtooth tunas, Gt’s and other deep water fish like Groupers and others Trevallies species.



The most funny and productive fishing to do in Sri Lanka ! 



Shore Trolling

The perfect fishing to enjoy a beautiful day at sea and expect to catch some nice fish, without the need for a great knowledge of fishing.


Big Game

Offshore, out of the continental shelf drop off, it’s the kingdom of the pelagic fish like Marlins (Blue, Black and Striped), Sailfish, Tunas (Yellowfin and Big eye), Mahi Mahi and Wahoo.