Another good day fishing at Bolgoda Lake for Hiro & Miyazaki san !!!

A week ago Hiro san and Miyazaki san were back for a day fishing at Bolgoda Lake with our fishing guide Shaktivel and as usual they have a great fishing.

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

The rain of days before make water color a bit murky in some area of the lake and don't make the fishing easy for them, but Shaktivel with his good experience of the lake found some good spots with clear water. Morning only Miyazaki san caught fish with 3 nice mangrove jack, one was 49 cm and give him a good fight. Hiro san just lost 2 lady fish.

Bolgoda Lake Fishing Mangrove Jack.jpg

Afternoon, Shaktivel try another area and Hiro san break the ice catching a 50 cm Golden Barramundi. After that catch, they want to have a try on the featherback, which were active due to the rain of the last days. The elusive knife fish were rolling every where, but not of them were keen to bite. At sunset time, Shaktivel decided to have a try on one of our good barramundi spots and Hiro san, who has caught his personal best Golden Barramundi on his last day fishing a month ago, caught another big one of 83 cm !!!

Like he told me : "This fish was few centimeter more than the one I caught last time, but completely different fight and weight !! It was Big Mama !!
The Bomber Long -A hooks were bended and snap also was almost broken."

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Bomber Long A.jpg

Congratulation Hiro san for this very nice catch and hope to see you soon for another good day fishing at Bolgoda Lake !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide