Nice fishing day at Bolgoda with Jordan & his Dad

Traveling with their family in Sri Lanka, Jason and his dad who are come from Florida want to go fishing at Bolgoda Lake to catch a Wild Golden Barramundi and some Mangrove Jack.

Fishing in Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Barramundi.jpg

Weather was nice and water color perfect. They start the morning session with some nice mangrove jack. Just before lunch Jordan has a serious bite of Barramundi, the fish goes in a strong rush to reach the structure, but fortunatly Jordan managed perfectly. The Barramundi jump a couple of time and finally in his last jump he manage to hook off. 
After a good lunch, we go on some other spots and Jordan finally caught a nice Wild Golden Barramundi. The end of the day fishing was slow and they only caught some small mangrove jack.

All in all, it was a nice day, Jordan & his dad enjoyed the fishing at Bolgoda Lake and watching the wildlife, as the huge croc on our way back.
Lures of the day : Rapala Shadow Rap Shad

Nico - Head Fishing Guide