First GT popping experience for Ukrainian couple

Beginning May, we also have some good fishing days at sea, like the 2 days spent with Vladimir & Anastasia from Ukraine. The young couple was travelling in Sri Lanka and Vladimir as a crazy angler for predator fish in Ukraine, wants to do some saltwater fishing and especially with GT's on popping. Anastasia was also keen to have a try, but she never cast such big lures as 130 g popper.

Fishing in Sri Lanka GT popping.jpg

First day, weather was beautiful and sea was also nice. After a quick casting lesson for Anastasia, we start fishing some of our good spots. On the second spot, Vladimir has a big bite close to the boat. Fortunately, the GT don't go under the boat and run straight out of the rock. Vladimir was very surprise how the GT is strength. After a nice battle, it's a 25-30 kg range GT I put in the landing net. A very good size fish for his first GT ever !!! Quick picture and we release the fish. We try some other good spots but the fish don't seem to play with us, till the tide change and in the afternoon we try some shallow water area and Vladimir was again in the game and caught another GT. Anastasia also had a bite but she lost the fish due to a slack line. Few hours before to get back the harbour, we try a last spot and Vladimir caught one more small fella.

The next day, Vladimir came alone, Anastasia has decided to stay at the hotel for some Ayurvedic massage. Morning was a bit slow, till we fished a new area where the water was more clear, I caught the first GT of the day, just after Vladimir missed one. We stay for a while in this area and Vladimir caught another GT and missed some. The afternoon, I decide to reach the shallow water spot where we have some good activity the day before. On the first drift, Vladimir had a serious bite and the fish was running so fast, it didn't gave time to Vladimir to try to stop it and the fish goes straight in the rock and the line broke. On the second drift, it was my turn to have a bite of a serious fish and the same story happen to me !! After that we try, some other rocks in this area but sadly without success, tough to finish the day with two big fish lost, but that's fishing.

Vladimir plan to come back with some friends to make a proper fishing trip. Waiting to see you again in Lanka to caught some GT's and to have your revenge on the big fish lost the last day !

Tight line 

Capt. Nico