Deep Jigging & Light Jigging with Gomoku Team !!!

I have just finished a super trip with the Gomoku guys Fred & Daniel and 3 of their friends to make a promotional video on their new jigging product and especially the new VMC assist hook. We did some slow and light jigging. 

VMC Hook Jigging Assist Hook Sri Lanka.jpg

On slow jigging, they caught some nice fish, like GT, but sadly dogtooth tuna, their main target were not there these last days. They caught accidentally some big Shark (7 in total) which we have released safely. These bycatch were enough big and strong to test their new Storm Gomoku Kodachi and Adagio+ jigging rods, but some other big fish were to strong for their PE-4...

Storm Gomoku Kodachi VMC Hook Jigging Sri Lanka.jpg

One day, 2 spools have been completely emptied in less than 1 minute with a 10 kg drag !!! I have a feeling some big Yellow Fin or Big Eye tuna are cruising around. Another day, Fred hooked a very heavy fish and absolutely unstoppable. Huge Grouper ? A new mystery to solve ;-) 

Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 Storm Gomoku Fred Goh Jigging.jpg

On light jigging PE 0.8-1, they had great fun with plenty of different species. 

Light Jigging Sri Lanka Gomoku Storm VMC Hook Jigging Fred Goh.jpg
Storm Gomoku Legit Design Jigging Sri Lanka.jpg

It was nice to have you on board guys, waiting to see you again in Sri Lanka.

Capt. Nico