Good jigging action for Olly despite windy condition !!!

Olly, who was travelling in Sri Lanka with his family, decided to go fishing at sea to catch some GT on popper and have a try on jig for Dogtooth tuna.

GT Fishing Sri Lanka Jigging Deep Sea Fishing.jpg

Weather was a bit windy, but we head off our popping spot early morning... but when we arrived we found 20 Sri Lankan big Navy vessel in our popping area... They were there to prepare for the Sri Lankan independence day parade that took place 2 days later... To be honest, I was not really comfortable to make a drift with these military vessel around us... We try for a while, without success, despite plenty of bait running in surface. Then we decide to reach our jigging spots. Olly has bring his own tackle he bought from, a good online tackle shop run by our friend Terry Smith in UK. 

Jigabite GT Fishing Sri Lanka.jpg

After some drop, on the first spot without any bite, I changed for our most productive spots and on the second drop Olly had a serious bite just after I told him there are some nice mark on the sonar. The fish take lot of line, despite the heavy drag and just when Olly was starting to fight, he lost the fish. When he retrieve his jig, one of his assit hook was broken and on the other one the hook was bent !!! Leader was also scratched !!! That was a serious fish for sure !!!

Deep sea Fishing Sri Lanka.jpg

We change the leader for a new one and we put a new jig with stronger assist hook. And again Olly was on with another fish and this time the fish just cut the leader, bloody wahoo or king mackerel !!! Then again new leader and new jig, drop again and Olly was on also on a nice fish. This time no issue, Olly fight the fish and landed a nice black GT. We stay for while but wind picked up and make difficult to jig in good condition. Then we decide to be back on the harbour. 
For sure if the wind don't picked up, Olly will have more action on jig. Anyway he enjoyed his day fishing at sea before to flight back in the cold UK.

Capt. Nico