Takahiro san is back to fish Bolgoda Lake !!!

Good fishing trip for Takahiro san who was coming to fish Bolgoda Lake for the second time during 3 days.

Fishing Barramundi Sri Lanka.jpg

He came back with a mission to fly fish only to target the Wild Golden Barramundi, but condition were a bit tough for flyfishing, mainly due to the wind, he didn't catch the elusive barramundi but some ladyfish and lost a very big one. Fortunately Takahiro knew, he needed some good conditions for flyfishing and in case he took with him some casting rod also and he caught some really nice barramundi in the 65 cm range, and some nice Mangrove jack.

Takahiro enjoyed again his fishing trip on Bolgoda Lake and plan to come back for his revenge on fly.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide