Sugimoto & Hashimoto are back for a week end at Bolgoda Lake

Our regular expat japanese anglers Sugimoto and Hashimoto were back at Bolgoda for the week end and they have a good fishing trip.

Barramundi Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake.jpg

Saturday, morning session was slow till Sugimoto break the ice with a beautiful 70 cm barramundi, in the afternoon he caught his first featherback, a weird fish according to him. Hashimoto caught some Mangrove Jack, but the Sunday morning he missed a first barramundi and lost a beast over 90 cm on the first jump. Fortunately, he landed some usual Mangrove jack and caught some nice ladyfish.

And Sugimoto ? He caught another nice 60 cm Wild Golden Barramundi after he missed 2 others.

Golden Barramundi Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka.jpg

Another great fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake. Sugimoto has already plan his next fishing week end in April, see you soon then.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide