Great trip at Bolgoda Lake with Japanese anglers !!

We received Yamada san and 3 of his friends for a 3 days fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake.

It was a great trip for our japanese anglers, they caught Golden barramundi, their main target, and also some featherback which were active compare to the last days fishing we have before them.

Strangily the Mangrove Jack were not very active as usual, they caught some but nice size mainly up to the 40 cm mark.

Two big barramundi were missed right on the boat, it's for that you must finish to retrieve your lure till the boat !!! Anyway like I say it was a great fishing trip, with good fishing action, some fun, good souvenirs and for sure we will see you again at Bolgoda Lake or maybe for a sea fishing trip on our new boat which will be delivery in a couple of weeks now.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide