Another great fishing day at Bolgoda Lake with Hiro & Miyazaki san !!

With a bit of late, report of the great fishing day with our regular japanese anglers Hiro and Miyazaki. After a week of rain and strong wind due to a cyclone passage, it was our first beautiful sunny day and fish were hungry.


We started the day with a Barramundi caught by Hiro san, follow up by a spotted featherback and some nice lady fish. Just before lunch Hiro san caught a nice wild golden barramundi and on the same spot Miyazaki caught another one of similar size.

After lunch we reach the fishing spot where we found good activity at the end of morning. Plenty of lady fish were caught and Miyazaki caught the fish of the day an absolute beautiful Wild Golden Barramundi of 80 cm. The fish gave an amazing fight to Miyazaki on his light rod and several time we thought he will lost it.

After that catch, we decide to focus on featherback, we reach our special fishing spot where the knive fish were rolling in surface. On the first cast Hiro and Miyazaki caught two big Mangrove jack of 46 cm and 49 cm.

After a while Miyazaki finally caught his first ever spotted featherback and it was a big one.

We finish the day just before night and Hiro lost a big fish, which seems to be another big barramundi, never mind this fishing day was great and our two japanese have already plan their next fishing day after their holidays in Japan. See you soon guys for another great day fishing at Bolgoda Lake !!!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide