Ota san is back in Bolgoda Lake

Ota san, from Japan, fished with us 3 years ago and has a good trip at Bolgoda Lake. Then he decide to come back and this time he has a better trip with good action with Wild Golden Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Oxeye Tarpon.

First day, we concentrate our effort on the main lake in search of Mangrove jack and Ota san has a great morning catching them. Afternoon, we go for Barramundi spots. Water color were perfect but the wild golden barramundi don't seems to bite... But on our last spots we found plenty of Oxeye Tarpon rolling on surface. Ota san caught some with small silver color minnows. I suggest him to put a small popper for fun and he has a great time catching these jumper fish on light tackle. A good way to finish the fishing day.

Second day, we try again some Mangrove Jack spot and Ota san caught 2 nice one with his Duel Hardcore Minnow. Just before lunch, we go for Barramundi spots and Ota san miss one and after a coupe of cast caught a nice 63 cm Wild Golden Barramundi. Afternoon, we went to our featherback spot. Last trip Ota san was unlucky with this elusive fish, but this time he came with some good soft plastic bait. Featherback were there rolling in surface, but they don't seems interest by Ota san lures. Hopefully, Oxeye Tarpon were there also and like last day he has great fun to catch them with popper.


Third day, we are looking on Barramundi spots, but the morning timing tide was not so good and Ota san caught some small mangrove jack and a nice Ladyfish. After lunch, tide was running well in Bolgoda Lake and his backwater, good time for Barramundi !! Straight away we reach a good barramundi spots.

On the third cast Ota san has a nice bite, immediately the fish rush and jump. Sadly on the second jump, hooks came off. Ota san was a bit disappointed, I told him to keep casting in the area and less than 10 minutes he caught a 56 cm Wild Golden Barramundi. He was so happy. On his barra lure he caught a nice featherback also and just before sunset time, Ota san lost a big fish at the edge of a lily pad patch. We don't see the fish but it was a powerful rush, certainly a nice Barra.

Sportfshing Lanka Golden Barramundi Fishing at Bolgoda Lake.JPG

The last day, Ota san was fishing only the morning due to his afternoon flight. I couldn't guiding him for this session but he gone with our local fishing guide Shaktivel and he has a very good morning session with 3 barramundi bites but he hasn't landed one !!! Shaktivel was telling me, Ota san lost an easy 15 pound barra just before to put the fish in the landing net. 

It was nice to guiding you Ota san and see you soon again at Bolgoda Lake.

Tight Line 

Nico - Head Fishing Guide