Third fishing trip for our regular japanese angler Yamada & Sahara

Yamada and Sahara fished for the 3rd time Bolgoda Lake and it was 3 nice fishing days like usual.

The first day Yamada caught a nice Wild Golden Barramundi and they caught so much Mangrove Jack : 23 in one day !!!

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Wild Golden Barramundi Bomber Long A Gold

The second day, Yamada lost a big barra just before to put the fish on the landing net and they caught some juvenile GT's and some usual MJ.

Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Mangrove Jack

Last day, Sahara caught an usual catch : a cuda.

Fishing Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Cuda

Afternoon session, they concentrate their effort on the elusive featherback and finally Yamada caught it's first ever, he was so happy.

Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Featherback Sportfishing Lanka

Another great trip in Bolgoda Lake for our regular anglers from Japan.

See you soon guys !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide