Fishing day at Bolgoda Lake with Su Lin

I picked up Su Lin from her hotel in Colombo early in the morning and we headed for Bolgoda Lake. She had come to Sri Lanka to meet one of her friend who lives in Colombo and like a true angler she was looking for some fishing. She found us on Facebook and booked a day’s fishing.

On the way she asked me a lot of question about the fish she could catch on the day. I told her about guiding some Japanese anglers a few days ago and they had good action with the elusive featherback. Su Lin was excited & eager to catch one. The boat was waiting for us at the Villa when we arrived and we headed out to fish. We started on a nice spot, a structure where the tide current was strong and offers a perfect place for a Barramundi or a feisty Mangrove Jack. After a few casts Su Lin caught a Giant Herring, her first one and she was surprised by the strength of this fish compared with its size.

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Giant Herring

After that, we tried some other spots for Barramundi but nothing came. I decided to head to the spot where we had caught Featherback with our last group. When we arrived, we saw some fish rolling on surface but nothing compared with last time. Anyway, Su Lin tried and after some casts she caught a Mangrove Jack.

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Mangrove Jack

We stayed a while till lunch time and then headed to the Villa where the cook has prepared a nice Sri Lankan rice and curry.

After a short break, we went back to fishing and I decided to try for Barramundi in the main lake of Bolgoda.. We tried a spot where I had good action a few weeks ago but nothing come. On the second spot, Su Lin caught a Mangrove jack, then another one a bit bigger and another even bigger for a total of 6 Mangrove Jack in less than 15 minutes.

After that Su Lin asked me to take her to the Featherback spot because she really wanted to catch one. We reached the spot and the knife fish seemed more active. But as usual, to catch them requires a lot of patience. Su Lin cast the lure I advised her to use untiringly. It was on her last cast, just after I told her that we would go before nightfall, she caught one and she was so happy. The last minute fish was the perfect end to a very nice day’s fishing for Su Lin at Bolgoda Lake.

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Featherback

Su Lin is planning another day fishing at Bolgoda Lake when she comes back to meet her friend in Colombo. I look forward to guiding you again Su Lin and next time we will focus on a Wild Golden Barramundi;-)

Nico - Head Fishing Guide