Another great fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake for our Singaporean clients

Our regular fishing customer Nicholas Han decided to make another trip with some friends to try out some fishing for the Wild Golden Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks again. With perfect weather right up to the week before their arrival we were optimistic, however just before they got in the rainy came down and the water level was high and water discoloured. We decided to concentrate our efforts on another part of the lake which we thought looked better.

Day 1 : In the morning session boat Barra 2 guided by Shaktivel chose to fish a bay where Dr Fred and Iskandar caught some decent mangrove jack and a nice barramundi. While boat Barra 1 with Nicholas Han fished around prawn trap and Nicholas caught a 6 lb featherback on his third cast and some mangrove jack.

Wild Golden Barramundi Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka

After a nice lunch and a bit of a break we went out on the afternoon fishing session around 2 pm. We start to fish the mouth of small river, where the barramundi wait in ambush and Iskandar on Barra 1 caught a nice barramundi. On the tide change we fished around prawn trap and Nicholas on Barra 2 caught some nice Mangrove Jacks and Iskandar missed 3 nice Feather back, Dr Fred caught some nice Mangrove Jacks and ladyfish. Nicholas landed some more Mangrove Jacks and ladyfish.

Wild Golden Barramundi Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka

Day 2 : The mission of the day was for Dr Fred to catch his first feather back on lure. We decided to fish around a prawn trap. After 4 misses in the morning session Dr Fred finally hooked a nice feather back, this fish give a good fight in the current and jumped a lot. Dr Fred was very happy and impressed by the power of the fish. At the same time on Barra 2 fishing Iskandar and Nicholas had a great session with many Mangrove Jacks landed between 4 lb and 6 lb.

Featherback Smith Bay Blue Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka

Afternoon : Nicholas decided to go with his family on Barra 2 on a tour of Bolgoda lake and bird watching, which his young son loves. Dr Fred and Iskandar fishing Barra 1 went after the barramundi again but the Barramundi were elusive again, but they did land a couple of Mangrove Jacks, Featherback and ladyfish.

Mangrove Jack Smith Saruna Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka

Day 3 : Morning Session, we decided to follow the same game plan as yesterday hitting the prawn traps, Iskandar fishing alone on Barra 2 had a great fishing session where he caught many nice Mangrove Jacks,a couple of Featherback, a nice ladyfish and missed a very nice barramundi just before landing. While on Barra 1 Nicholas and Dr Fred landed more feather back and mangrove jack.

Ladyfish Smith Bay Blue Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka

Afternoon Session : Nicholas stayed in guest house to have some family time with his son in the swimming pool. Iskandar on Barra 2 decided only to go after barramundi, after trying few spots he has a big one follow, but the fish smashed his lure close to the boat just as Iskandar was taking the lure out of the water, unlucky again with the barramundi... while Dr Fred wanted to concentrate his last fishing session on featherback and mangrove jack around prawn trap. He succeeded in catching another good featherback and more Mangrove Jacks.

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Nico - Head Fishing Guide