Mangrove Jack fishing week-end for Yasuda San

Yasuda san from Japan came fishing at Bolgoda Lake last week-end. A bit thought condition after the heavy rain of the last week which made water color murky. 

Despite this water conditions, Yasuda keep casting, waiting for the bite of Barramundi, his main target. Sadly, Barramundi seems not keen to play the game during these 2 days fishing. Hopefully for Yasuda san, the other predator of Bolgoda Lake and especially the feisty Mangrove Jack give him some good time, like this 50 cm + he caught in heavy structure, a hard fight and good fun on light tackle. See you next time at Bolgoda Lake for another trip Yasuda san.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

* No more rain this week, we are expecting some better conditions to fish the lake with our next anglers this week end.