Fishing week-end at Bolgoda Lake

Last week-end, we have received 2 japanese anglers at Bolgoda Lake. Both are working for Toyota, Sugimoto san in Dhaka and Hashimoto san in Colombo. 

Despite these two rainy days, Sugimoto and Hashimoto never gave up and they kept casting. Some very nice mangrove jack were caught these last days and it was also the case for our 2 japanese anglers.

Sugimoto caught some nice Mangrove Jack, biggest one was a 50cm+ with his old school lure Bomber Long A and Hashimoto caught his first Wild Golden Barramundi ever. Sugimoto, miss a big fish last afternoon, for sure a nice barra !!

It was nice to guiding you guys and we have a lot of fun. See you next January for a second fishing week-end at Bolgoda Lake.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide


Half day fly fishing at Bolgoda lake with Dave

Last Friday, we had the privilege to guide for an half day the expert fly fisherman and famous fly tyer working at Umpqua, Mr Dave Student.

The water color at Bolgoda Lake has changed after the last days heavy rain, but Dave caught some mangrove jacks on fly, here is the biggest.

It was a pleasure to meet you Dave and talking fly fishing. Special thanks for the Umpqua chest pack full of flies ;-) We will fish with them soon and give you our feedback.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Day fishing at Bolgoda Lake to finish 1 week holidays in Sri Lanka

Hervé from France was travelling in Sri Lanka with his girlfriend and want to go sea fishing. Sadly , it was not yet sea fishing season, then we propose him to come fishing at Bolgoda Lake.

Hervé caught plenty of Mangrove Jack and his first ever Golden Barramundi. Biggest fish of the day was a very big 52 cm Mangrove Jack caught on soft plastic lure.

Congrats Hervé for these nice catch !

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Ota san is back in Bolgoda Lake

Ota san, from Japan, fished with us 3 years ago and has a good trip at Bolgoda Lake. Then he decide to come back and this time he has a better trip with good action with Wild Golden Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Oxeye Tarpon.

First day, we concentrate our effort on the main lake in search of Mangrove jack and Ota san has a great morning catching them. Afternoon, we go for Barramundi spots. Water color were perfect but the wild golden barramundi don't seems to bite... But on our last spots we found plenty of Oxeye Tarpon rolling on surface. Ota san caught some with small silver color minnows. I suggest him to put a small popper for fun and he has a great time catching these jumper fish on light tackle. A good way to finish the fishing day.

Second day, we try again some Mangrove Jack spot and Ota san caught 2 nice one with his Duel Hardcore Minnow. Just before lunch, we go for Barramundi spots and Ota san miss one and after a coupe of cast caught a nice 63 cm Wild Golden Barramundi. Afternoon, we went to our featherback spot. Last trip Ota san was unlucky with this elusive fish, but this time he came with some good soft plastic bait. Featherback were there rolling in surface, but they don't seems interest by Ota san lures. Hopefully, Oxeye Tarpon were there also and like last day he has great fun to catch them with popper.


Third day, we are looking on Barramundi spots, but the morning timing tide was not so good and Ota san caught some small mangrove jack and a nice Ladyfish. After lunch, tide was running well in Bolgoda Lake and his backwater, good time for Barramundi !! Straight away we reach a good barramundi spots.

On the third cast Ota san has a nice bite, immediately the fish rush and jump. Sadly on the second jump, hooks came off. Ota san was a bit disappointed, I told him to keep casting in the area and less than 10 minutes he caught a 56 cm Wild Golden Barramundi. He was so happy. On his barra lure he caught a nice featherback also and just before sunset time, Ota san lost a big fish at the edge of a lily pad patch. We don't see the fish but it was a powerful rush, certainly a nice Barra.

Sportfshing Lanka Golden Barramundi Fishing at Bolgoda Lake.JPG

The last day, Ota san was fishing only the morning due to his afternoon flight. I couldn't guiding him for this session but he gone with our local fishing guide Shaktivel and he has a very good morning session with 3 barramundi bites but he hasn't landed one !!! Shaktivel was telling me, Ota san lost an easy 15 pound barra just before to put the fish in the landing net. 

It was nice to guiding you Ota san and see you soon again at Bolgoda Lake.

Tight Line 

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Great afternoon session for Nico & his friend Damma

Nico our head fishing guide and his friend Damith, went Bolgoda Lake for a afternoon session. Water color was really good. Nico has started the session catching some nice mangrove jack on finesse tackle. Damith caught two juvenile GT and close the session with 3 barra (65 cm, 59 cm and 53 cm). Another good fishing time at Bolgoda Lake !

Sportfishing Lanka Team

Big Barramundi !!!

Catch of the day : big barra of 93 cm for 10 kg !!! This beast was caught by japanese expert angler Kamiyashiki san from Mangrove Studio company, who is coming to do a fishing report for japanese Salt World Magazine. 

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Big Barramundi Salt World Magazine

Certainly one of the biggest Barramundi caught in Bolgoda Lake on casting lure.

Stay tuned for the report in Salt World Magazine !

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda lake Sportfishing Lanka Barramundi jump

In search of Great Snakehead in Sri Lanka

Since a long time I wanted to fish snakehead. So when I heard that some rivers and lakes in Sri Lanka have some, to fish them became obsessive. This is some pictures of my last explorating trip in Lanka to catch this amazing fish. Here is a "Great Snakehead" (Channa Marulius).

Tight Line

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Dad & son fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake

Keith and his son Andrew are British, live in Honk Kong and love fishing. No so much fishing in this part of Asia. Then, they decided to come fishing at Bolgoda lake.

It was a great 4 days fishing trip with a lot of action and great result with Wild Golden Barramundi & nice Mangrove Jack.

Lures of the trip : Duo Realis Jerkbait, Duel Hardcore Minnow and Lucky Craft Flashminnow.

Let's talk the pictures !

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Sportfishing Lanka Barramundi Bolgoda Lake
Sportfishing Lanka Mangrove Jack Bolgoda Lake
Duo Realis Jerkbait Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake
Sportfishing Lanka Featherback Bolgoda Lake
Sportfishing Lanka Wild Golden Barramundi Bolgoda Lake
Sportfishing Lanka Mangrove Jack Bolgoda Lake

Fishing trip at Bolgoda Lake with Malaysian group

Last week, we had 3 Malaysian friends fishing at Bolgoda Lake. Their goal was to catch Featherback on lure. This year the monsoon is late and there has been little rain. The Featherback are most active when it rains and the water is slightly turbid. However our 3 fishermen, instead of being worried on hearing the news were more motivated than ever.

The tide was not favourable to fish Featherback on the morning of the first day, so we focused our efforts on finding the Mangrove Jack and other species that can be caught at Bolgoda Lake. Our 3 fishermen caught Mangrove jack, a couple of Herring and missed a fish identified as Barramundi.

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Mangrove Jack Rapala

In the afternoon, after a delicious Sri Lankan rice and curry prepared by our chef and a small nap, we reach one of our favorite Featherback spots. They were there, rolling on the surface, few but active. The boats are anchored and lures fuse towards the elusive « knife fish ». After an hour without any bites a spot of rain arriving, one of the boats decided to return. The other boat decided to stay and it was a good idea because in the late afternoon after the rain, the Featherback were active and they caught three along with a nice mangrove jack and some herrings.

Sportfishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Mangrove Jack

The next morning we set off to ours Barramundi spots and Chang was lucky to catch one of 61 cm with our favorite lure for barramundi in Bolgoda the Rapala Flat Rap.

Sportfishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Barramundi.jpg

The other boat missed one and caught some Mangrove Jack. Chang was happy to catch a tarpon as it’s a new species for him. 

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Oxeye Tarpon Bolgoda Lake

After lunch and a short nap, it was rainy and we decide to wait little bit before to going out again. When headed out to our Featherback spot expecting good action after the rain stopped. The fish were there and they were active. Chang wanted to try a small jig head and soft plastic shad. A few casts and he caught his first Featherback that gave a good fight in the current. Chang was very happy and after some pics, the fish was released.

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Featherback Soft Plastic Bait

He cast immediately in the same area where the Featherback were increasingly active and has a bite as soon as his lure fell. This time it was a nice Mangrove Jack.

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Mangrove Jack Soft Plastic Bait Bass Assassin

The other boat caught some Featherback too and Chau landed a proper Giant Herring, a beast ! and one of the biggest we have seen in the lake!!

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Ladyfish Giant herring

The morning of day 3 we concentrated our effort on Barramundi but without success. Instead we caught some small mangrove jack. The afternoon was better with some fish lost or missed especially Featherback but our fishermen were happy, fishing is fishing…

The plan for the last day was Mangrove Jack in the morning and Featherback in the afternoon. We caught some Mangrove Jack and one of the boats missed a nice Barramundi. In the afternoon, Chang caught another Featherback with his soft plastic lure and lost another one on the first jump. His two friends caught Herring, Tarpon and Mangrove jack but Chang was the only one to catch a Featherback that day.

Sport Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Featherback

It was a pleasant trip, our 3 Malaysian friends enjoyed these 4 days of fishing at Bolgoda Lake and tell us they are very impressed by the quality of our accommodation, food, boats and diversity of fish species that can be caught.

Sportfishing Lanka Team

Angling Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Sunset