Great week-end fishing with friends at Bolgoda Lake

Friday and last Saturday, I decided to go fishing with some good fishing buddies at Bolgoda Lake and it has been 2 super days fishing !!!

Fishing Barramundi Sri Lanka.jpg

The Wild Golden Barramundi were very active, with multiple missed and lost, fortunately Damith our "Legend" has show us again how to catch them.

We have also good action with big size Ladyfish, which give us so much fun on very light tackle and like usual the Mangrove Jack give us some good shot with some good size up to 40 cm.

Another memorable fishing time at Bolgoda with good friends.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Third fishing trip for our regular japanese angler Yamada & Sahara

Yamada and Sahara fished for the 3rd time Bolgoda Lake and it was 3 nice fishing days like usual.

The first day Yamada caught a nice Wild Golden Barramundi and they caught so much Mangrove Jack : 23 in one day !!!

Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Wild Golden Barramundi Bomber Long A Gold

The second day, Yamada lost a big barra just before to put the fish on the landing net and they caught some juvenile GT's and some usual MJ.

Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Mangrove Jack

Last day, Sahara caught an usual catch : a cuda.

Fishing Sri Lanka Sportfishing Lanka Bolgoda Lake Cuda

Afternoon session, they concentrate their effort on the elusive featherback and finally Yamada caught it's first ever, he was so happy.

Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Featherback Sportfishing Lanka

Another great trip in Bolgoda Lake for our regular anglers from Japan.

See you soon guys !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide


Fishing break at Bolgoda Lake for a Finnish angler

Markku was travelling in Lanka with his wife and decide to go fishing one day at Bolgoda Lake last week.

He caught a nice barramundi, a couple of mangrove jack and a baby GT.

Fishing Sri Lanka Bolgoda Lake Barramundi Sportfishing Lanka

He tried to catch some featherback but this elusive fish was not keen to play with him.

Thanks, it was an excellent fishing day and the guide Shaktivel was super
— Markku from Finland

See you next time Markku.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide


Great day fishing for Expat Japanese angler at Bolgoda Lake

Last Sunday, after 2 good days fishing with our Malaysians anglers, we received Hiro san who works in Kandy in Sri Lanka. He heard about our fishing charter from Kamiyashiki san blog and booked a day fishing at Bolgoda Lake.

His main target was to catch a Wild Golden Barramundi and a Spotted Featherback. Mission accomplished for Hiro san, he caught 2 Golden Barra, 1 Featherback, plus a nice Mangrove Jack and the second Black Sea Bream caught on lure in Bolgoda Lake !

A superb fishing fishing like Bolgoda can give. Hiro san was so happy, then he has already booked another fishing day this month with one of his friend. See you very soon Hiro san !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Brian & CK from Lure Fisher at Bolgoda Lake

Last Friday and Saturday, I have guided two Malaysians anglers : Brian and his friend CK from Lure Fisher. These 2 days fishing was good with some nice catch, like this Wild Golden Barramundi caught by CK.

During these 2 days, predators fish were active like the Mangrove Jack, CK caught a big one up to 40 cm on popper !! 

Some nice Lady Fish give good time to Brian, these fish are incredibly strong on light tackle.

Spotted Featherback was also a target fish for our anglers and they caught some nice one. We were waiting for the Juvenile GT but they don't want to show to our Malaysians how hard they fight.

It was a really pleasure to guide Brian & CK, lot of fun and good time, I know I will see you soon guys.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Mangrove Studio company support Sportfishing Lanka in Japan !!

Japanese expert angler Kamiyashiki san from Mangrove Studio company, who fish with us at Bolgoda Lake and caught one of the biggest Wild Golden Barramundi on lure, is supporting us on his blog :

Thanks for the support Kamiyashiki san, we hope to see you soon again in Sri Lanka !!

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Very good fishing week-end for Expat Japanese Anglers from India

Another good fishing week end at Bolgoda Lake with japanese anglers Fumiaki san and Norifumi san from Bangalore, where they are working. Like expected, water color in the lake and his backwater was a bit better compare to last week end and made the predators also more active.

Fumiaki san caught a proper Golden Barramundi of 58 cm but sadly his friend Norifumi miss 2 barra, one was really big !

Fortunately, Norifumi san has a great time with the Mangrove Jack and honestly we could not remember how many he caught, but enough for giving him the nickname of "Mister Jack". Some Mangrove Jack were very close of the 50 cm mark (48 cm and 49 cm).

They also caught some others species like juvenile GT which give so much fun to catch on light tackle, and also Fumiaki caught 2 featherback with the finesse technique, plus some oxeye tarpon and ladyfish.

It was a really nice fishing week end, I enjoyed to guide Fumiaki and his friend Norifumi, they promised me to come back soon for another week end at Bolgoda Lake. See you soon guys.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

Mangrove Jack fishing week-end for Yasuda San

Yasuda san from Japan came fishing at Bolgoda Lake last week-end. A bit thought condition after the heavy rain of the last week which made water color murky. 

Despite this water conditions, Yasuda keep casting, waiting for the bite of Barramundi, his main target. Sadly, Barramundi seems not keen to play the game during these 2 days fishing. Hopefully for Yasuda san, the other predator of Bolgoda Lake and especially the feisty Mangrove Jack give him some good time, like this 50 cm + he caught in heavy structure, a hard fight and good fun on light tackle. See you next time at Bolgoda Lake for another trip Yasuda san.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide

* No more rain this week, we are expecting some better conditions to fish the lake with our next anglers this week end.

Fishing week-end at Bolgoda Lake

Last week-end, we have received 2 japanese anglers at Bolgoda Lake. Both are working for Toyota, Sugimoto san in Dhaka and Hashimoto san in Colombo. 

Despite these two rainy days, Sugimoto and Hashimoto never gave up and they kept casting. Some very nice mangrove jack were caught these last days and it was also the case for our 2 japanese anglers.

Sugimoto caught some nice Mangrove Jack, biggest one was a 50cm+ with his old school lure Bomber Long A and Hashimoto caught his first Wild Golden Barramundi ever. Sugimoto, miss a big fish last afternoon, for sure a nice barra !!

It was nice to guiding you guys and we have a lot of fun. See you next January for a second fishing week-end at Bolgoda Lake.

Nico - Head Fishing Guide