The Lake of Bolgoda is a "Light Tackle Heaven" for all the aficionados of casting lure. The lake and his backwater system offer a great variety of species to catch. From the Wild Golden Barramundi, the king of the water, to the feisty Mangrove Jack, the elusive Featherback and plenty of other predators. Please see below some pics of our happy anglers with their catch.


Mangrove Jack Juvenile GT Fishing Bolgoda Lake Sportfishing Lanka Rapala Storm 1.jpg


The Wild Golden Barramundi is our main target at Bolgoda Lake. This fish is an absolute "bucket list" fish to catch. This Wild Golden Barramundi in term of fight is incomparable with any other barramundi you can catch on earth. But this fish deserves to catch it, you need to be patient, never give up and keep casting !


MAngrove jack

The Mangrove Jack are one of our favourite fish to catch at Bolgoda Lake. Their bite and fight are so brutal with light tackle ! Bolgoda Lake has a good population of Mangrove Jack and can produce some big one up to 50 cm ! 



The featherback, also named knife fish or clown fish, is the most elusive fish to catch at Bolgoda Lake, that's what makes his fishing so exciting. But don't worry our fishing guide knows the good spots to fish them and have found the right technique to catch them.



Other Fish Species

That's the fun part to fish Bolgoda Lake, you will never know which species will bite your lures, and when it's a fish like juvenile GT or the jumping Lady Fish, for sure you will never forget these catch on light tackle !


Fishing and Wildlife Scenery

Bolgoda Lake offer absolute beautiful fishing and wildlife scenery, for sure you will never forget. The sunset can be absolute outstanding, you will also discover some daily life time of the local community living on the lake. Bolgoda Lake offer also a rich wildlife, you will watch quantity of birds and the different inhabitant like water monitor, monkeys and with a bit of luck a huge salty crocodile.